Delivery times and zones – Cohen Family Grocers

Delivery times and zones

Please scroll down for delivery areas
  • Order before Sunday at 1:00 pm and receive your order on Tuesday
  • Order before Tuesday at 1:00 pm and receive your order on Thursday
  • Order before Thursday 1:00 pm and receive your order on Saturday

We Deliver in Toronto, North York, up to Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga and just East of Scarborough.

Delivery is free however we do ask that you meet our minimum order size. 

Please click on the area you live in, for example if you live in Toronto, click on the Blue colored portion of the map and the minimum order size for us to deliver along with boundary information will display.

You can zoom into the map by using the wheel on your mouse or pressing the plus and minus buttons located at the bottom left of the map.

Minimum order for areas are as follows:

Toronto $50                   North York $80  

Toronto East $80           Toronto West $80           

Scarborough $100         Vaughn $100

Mississauga $120         Scarborough East $120

Because we want to provide you with the freshest available product we receive all off our meat, produce and baked goods in the morning and deliver same day in the afternoon to early evening, an email will be sent notifying you once your order has left our facility. 

Our goal is to provide Quality groceries direct to your door.  

Pricing reflects savings that we are able to negotiate with our suppliers. All meat is restaurant quality and all produce is purchased daily from the Ontario Food Terminal. 

We will place orders the same day with our supplier and deliver products to you on the scheduled delivery date, if there is an item that is not in stock you will not be charged for them. 

If we don't have it in stock ask us, we have access to over 7,000 products that you can find at your local market.  

If you have specific needs or want to purchase in bulk we can assist in anything grocery related, just reach out and ask, we are here to help in whatever way we can.